Regione Calabria
The public government of Region Calabria is strongly involved in the tourism and in the development of the senior population in its new opportunity of expression of the vitality and personality . The old approach of assistance is going to be overcome by the policy of enhancement, performed directly through the Social Assistance and indirectly through the support to ANCESCAO (partner of the project) and the independent associations. Tourism combines a great variety of scenarios, from the long sandy and sunny coasts of the Ionio and Tirreno seas, to the high mounts of the Pollino, to the wooded plateaus of Sila and Aspromonte, to the cities of art (Cosenza, Reggio Calabria) and to the old villages of Gerace, Rossano, Altomonte,Morano, and seaside such as Diamante,Tropea , San Nicola Arcella...

The senior tourism is a segment of great interest where the Region can fully express its natural and artistic appeal and its mild climate enjoyable also in the low seasons of spring and autumn.
Realization in Calabria of the touristic system for seniors, including the creation of a Cluster of Local Culture managed by the local senior association in territories not yet touristically developed, itineraries crossing famous and less famous destinations and a promotional activity of specialized tour operators and the inclusion of the senior tourism of EUROSEN in the Calabria stands of the main touristic fairs in Italy and abroad; in the Guida al turista della Calabria, in the website , in the web and printed publications of the Region.

Contact: Consoleta Loddo
Address: Settore Turismo, Palazzo Europa  – Germaneto - 88100 Catanzaro, Italy
Tel: _39 0961 856823