PLEF – Planet Life Economy Foundation
PLEF is an independent non-profit organization that, since 2003, takescare to give substance to the principles of sustainability to include them in the enterprise management’s dynamics (strategies, competitiveness, added value, finance, productionprocesses, etc.), paying attention to the real expectations of citizens / consumers (quality of life,emotion, pleasure, fun).

PLEF promotes the creation of a new socio-economic model that can create true "value" (economic, social, environmental, human) and employment, overcoming the opposing arguments of "Growth" or “Degrowth".

From 2013 is a member of the National Council of the Green Economy, consultative structure of the Ministries of the environment and economic development.
Main activities:
  • Management of the project:
  • Needs and requirements of the users and analysis of the context; Pilot test: training and needed tools for the prreparation phase; Implementation of the organizational model and promotion of the pilot tours for the Pilot test;
  • Market analysis and Business Plan for the follow up phase: guidelines and improvement paths for the follow up phase
  • Communication strategy support