The travels are designed by the locals Tour Operators and the partners, for national and international visitors. 

These are directed to all the seniors, with common characteristics that are partially extracted from a survey promoted by EUROSEN). The main aims are: 
  • Interaction, in the CLC, with the hosting senior groups; 
  • Participation to kitchen lessons, assistance to cultural entertainments: dances, songs, visits to farms and artisans;
  • Comfortable rhythm of travelling (preferred by seniors): limited number of hours of daily travelling, daily free time, places for shopping; 
  • Visit's content with a specific theme: culture, relax, leisure; inclusion of gastronomy and nature; 
  • Transportation in vans and during the visits: combination car+walk. Affordable budget with low price;
  • Sanitary assistance in each CLC and places of stopover.
Lubjana and surroundings
“Njoki” and the Cave caste:slovenian stories and legends
  • 2 Day 2_Ilirska Bistrica–Predjama–Ljubljana–Ilirska Bistrica
  • 1 Day 1_Welcome to Slovenia and Ilirska Bistrica workshop
  • 3 Day 3_Ilirska Bistrica and Piran
South Italy_Cross the South towards the sun
Ride in the sun of Southern Italy crossing unique landscapes in the world. Live the experience of a genuine life in old villages.
  • 4 Day 4_The Pollino park
  • 2 Day 2_Naples visit of the city #2
  • 1 Day 1_Naples: visit of the city
  • 3 Day 3_From Amalfi to Pollino
  • 6 Day 5_Matera
  • 6 Day 6_Bari and Puglia gems
Salzburg and Werfenweng
Discover austrian culture and tradition
  • 1 Day 1_Welcome to Werfenweng
  • 3 Day 3_Departure
  • 2 Day 2_ Salisburg and Werfenweng
Milan and the Castanese area
Combining the cosmopolitan flavour of Milano with a unique experience in the nearby area of Castanese and its Cluster of Local Culture. Not only a visit, a chance to live the glamour of Italian life and culture… Castanese, a territory close to Milano, proposes a rich set of interesting initiatives that will offer “new experiences”, a new way of being tourist
  • 3 Castanese andl Pigotte
  • 1 Castanese and Naviglio canal
  • 2 Milano
Horezu Region
An unforgettable experience to a land of authenticity, with stories about the culture of the people from Horezu Region.
  • 1 Day 1_welcome to Horezu
  • 3 Day 3_ Commune of Costești – Cooking Workshop
  • 2 Day 2_History of Pottery (Workshop) and Monastic Hospitality
  • 4 Day 4_A Day Spent in the Middle of Nature
  • 7 Day 7_The mirage of ceramics
  • 6 Day 6_Commune of Măldăreşti and Govora Spa Resort
  • 5 Day 5_Authentic Romanian Folklore