EUROSEN involves four different countries. Each of these has a specific operational partner, which manages the realization of the project. The association ANCESCAO and Regione Calabria in Italy, the public institution INCDT in Romania, the municipality of Werfenweng in Austria, the tour operator LILL in Slovenia. 

Moreover functional partners are committed to specific tasks coherent with their skill and experience: the foundation PLEF is the coordinator of the project, the association AGE platform connects the project with all the senior associations in Europe, the tour operator Viaggi Erbacci supervises the technical touristic realizations of the project (design of itineraries, communication, promotion).

Here the list and the details of each Eurosen's partner:

In line with the objective of COSME Programme, EUROSEN (EUROpe for SENiors) intends to exploit the transnational senior tourism in low season, to enrich the sector and increase the competitiveness of European industry and specifically t of SMEs and micro-enterprises, relevant actors in this field. 

EUROSEN promotes a new form of tourism, to give an answer at the evolving needs and expectations of seniors: tourism based on participation, experience, relation and interaction among people of different countries, in order to share stories, habits, traditions, values, that form - all together and with their diversity - the richness of European culture. 

EUROSEN prefers minor touristic places with good potential, where the communities are organized in Cluster of Local Culture (CLC). The places are included in itineraries crossing also the most famous destination in the country. 

The design of a “Senior Tourism Quality Certification” will guarantee the quality of the offered services under a common brand.

  1. The selected Clusters of Local Culture (CLC) are startup which will receive by partners preparation and tutorship to take off, for being autonomous before project’s end (June 2017) 
  2. EUROSEN wants to capitalize the experience of seniors and their management capacity, adding the know how and the contacts to help their personal active ageing. In a CLC a priority is the selection of senior who are able to lead teams and handle a promising new concern. 
  3. The experience strongly influences the relation “partner-seniors groups” in order to create a team co-responsible and informed about the process of creation and evolution of CLC and the whole project. 
  4. EUROSEN creates new professionalisms/ employement which need a continuous training and the involvement of new resources. 
  5. Tools and methodologies of training must be customized to the strengths and weaknesses of seniors. 
  6. In medium term the activity can’t be limited to seniors, but has to be extend to all who are interested in human relation and local culture. 
  7. Even if is a transnational project, the first experiences for CLC, should be researched in the first environment of the destinations. Only those entities strong at home will be competitive abroad. And the partners can strongly help them in this effort. 
  8. The CLC is complementary to the touristic offert of the area.The CLCs action must create opportunities to local touristic enterprises.