• Austria Werfenweng - Hiking trip

    Natural fountain
  • Austria Werfenweng - Cooking lesson

    cooking lesson in Werfenweng
  • Austria Werfenweng - Werfenweng

    Chapel in a winter night
  • Austria Werfenweng - Ski museum

    The ski museum in Werfenweng
  • Italy Castanese - Castanese CLC

    A tour by boat
  • Italy Castanese - Castanese CLC

    Concert at Cuggiono
  • Italy Castanese - Tramonto al Castelletto di Cuggiono

  • Italy Castanese - Castanese ride horses

  • Italy Pollino Welcome - Morano: the cheese maker

  • Italy Pollino Welcome - Morano living Nativity

  • Italy Pollino Welcome - Civita arberesce dance

  • Italy Pollino Welcome - Altomonte Di Vino Festival

  • Italy Pollino Welcome - Altomonte Festival of the bread

  • Italy Pollino Welcome - Magic of chimney pot in Civita

  • Romania Horezu Region - The Rooster of Hurez

    Seller present in the Fair of Folk Pottery
  • Romania Horezu Region - Horezu

    Folkloric dance
  • Romania Horezu Region - Băile Olăneşti Spa Resort

    The Wooden Church of “Saint Pantelimon” (1746)
  • Romania Horezu Region - Costeşti

    Buila-Vânturariţa National Park
  • Romania Horezu Region - Costeşti, village of Bistriţa

    Arnota Monastery (1634)
  • Slovenia Ilirska Bistrica - Old town of Ilirska Bistrica

  • Slovenia Ilirska Bistrica - Prem Castle

  • Slovenia Ilirska Bistrica - Susec Fountain

EUROSEN is a complex project and involves 4 different countries. In each country has a specific operational partner, which manages the realization of the project. 

The association ANCESCAO and Regione Calabria in Italy, the public institution INCDT in Romania, the municipality of Werfenweng in Austria, the tour operator LILL in Slovenia.

Moreover functional partners are committed to specific tasks coherent with their skill and experience: the foundation PLEF is the coordinator of the project, the association AGE platform connects the project with all the senior associations in Europe, the tour operator Viaggi Erbacci supervises the technical touristic realizations of the project (design of itineraries, communication, promotion). 

Here the list and the details of each Eurosen's partner: 
AGE Platform Europe - Belgium 
INCDT - Romania 
LILL - Slovenia 
PLEF - Italy 
Regione Calabria - Italy 
Viaggi Erbacci - Italy 
Municipality of Werfenweng - Austria