Clusters of Local Cultures

  • Castanese - Castanese CLC

  • Castanese - Castanese CLC

  • Castanese - Tramonto al Castelletto di Cuggiono

  • Castanese - Castanese ride horses

  • Ilirska Bistrica - Old town of Ilirska Bistrica

  • Ilirska Bistrica - Prem Castle

  • Ilirska Bistrica - Susec Fountain

  • Horezu Region - The Rooster of Hurez

  • Horezu Region - Horezu

  • Horezu Region - Băile Olăneşti Spa Resort

  • Horezu Region - Costeşti

  • Horezu Region - Costeşti, village of Bistriţa

  • Pollino Welcome - Morano: the cheese maker

  • Pollino Welcome - Morano living Nativity

  • Pollino Welcome - Civita arberesce dance

  • Pollino Welcome - Altomonte Di Vino Festival

  • Pollino Welcome - Altomonte Festival of the bread

  • Pollino Welcome - Magic of chimney pot in Civita

  • Werfenweng - Hiking trip

  • Werfenweng - Cooking lesson

  • Werfenweng - Werfenweng

  • Werfenweng - Ski museum

What is a Cluster of Local Culture?
The Cluster of Local Culture (CLC) is composed by communities of a territory linked by the same heritage, even with different histories. It could be formed by group of towns, valley, a stretch of coast, a mountain, a city... Places not famous,but with a touristic potential. 

The aim of the CLCs is to research and revamp the expressions of their way of living and the unique experiences which compose their cultural identity,sharing thi with visitors. 

In EUROSEN, the groups of seniors (but not only!) are hosted as friends by local pairs, and here they can taste the experience of living and knowing through the landscapes, the artistic beauties, the noticeable places...

Feeling and understanding the real soul of the territory and compare with theirs own.
Castanese (Italy)
The Castanese CLC, close to Milano,includes 12 small/medium size villages surrounded by farmlands,woods and natural parks. It's a rich and diversified landscape where the water represents a peculiar element.
Ilirska Bistrica (Slovenia)
The varied cultural landscape and the architectural and settlement heritage have created the distinctive landscape.
Horezu Region (Romania)
The Horezu Region CLC is located in the south-west part of Romania, in Vâlcea County and comprise a well-known destination, as Horezu, and lesser known destinations like the villages of Costeşti, Măldăreşti, Slătioara, and Vaideeni.
Pollino Welcome (Italy)
Altomonte is an enchanting medieval centre in the heart of the Cosenza province. Placed at 496 mt over the sea level, with a unique prospect of the mounts of Pollino, of the plateau of Sibari and of the Ionian sea.
Werfenweng (Austria)
Werfenweng is a typical Alpine village where tourist can expirience the Austrian traditions and dishes. At the same time the village encompasses a green mobility guarantee with all services included.