ANCESCAO Coordinamento Città Metropolitana di Milano
ANCeSCAO is an Italian association of social promotion. Its mission is to help the senior citizens in avoiding the loneliness and the exclusion which are typical of the old age. Established in 1990, ANCeSCAO is present in the whole country with 1447 associated Senior Centers and nearly 400,000 senior members. In the EUROSEN project ANCeSCAO is represented by the Provincial Department of Milano which has 29,000 members belonging to 73 Senior Centers.

The activities of the Social Centersassociated to ANCeSCAO include:
  • healthcare prevention and education to suitable lifestyles,
  • cultural enrichment of the seniors,
  • preservation of the cultural heritage,
  • enhancement of the intergenerational relationship,
  • touristic initiatives.

The ANCeSCAO Provincial Department of Milano has been involved in various European and national co-funded projects (e.g.OASIS (FP7 – ICT);NOBITS (AAL);EASYREACH (AAL);i-Motion and FIRST (both co-financed by the Lombardia Region).
ANCeSCAO will contribute to various activities of the project: analysis of the users’ needs and expectations, definition of a new form of tourism and of an organizational model for the Cluster of Local Culture, the Senior Tourism Quality Certification, elaboration of a Business Plan. Furthermore ANCeSCAO will drive the establishment of the CLC of the Castanese Territorylocated in the northern part of Milan and including 11 villages with a cumulative population of 70,000 inhabitants.
  • Legal representative: Tarcisio Lattuada, President of ANCeSCAO - Coordinamento Città Metropolitana di Milano

  • Contact person: Silvio Bonfiglio, ANCeSCAO’s Consultant 
Phone: S. Bonfiglio +39 3358267985