Welcome Pollino CLC

The last November, is born the Pollino Welcome CLC. In the fascinating framework of Morano Calabro the coordinators of the Local Centres of Altomonte, Morano and Civita met the Eurosen's partners to create the Cluster of Local Culture and define the planned activities. Were present the major of Morano, Nicolò de Bartolo,Altomonte, Giuseppe Paleano and Civita, Alessandro Tocci. Right from the first contacts emerged the richness and the variety of the cultural heritage, framed into the fascinating alternating of harsh walls and sweet dipping valleys. The historical memories, lute crafting, the artisan cheese production, the bread rite, the dive into the rich Albanian culture, ancient restored quarters, warm welcoming, testimony of an antique land, the living nativity in old houses, cultural festivals, eno-gastronomic tracks. Is a swirl of human and cultural spurs not only anchored to the past but renewing and inviting to a visit for discover old and new values.