The Pollino CLC comes out in the open!

The communities of the Cluster of Local Culture Pollino CLC, after three successful tests of special welcoming, organizes “different evenings” each Friday from 6pm to 10 pm in one of its wonderful villages: Altomonte, Morano and Civita. They invite tourists and residents to meet the people and live with them their real culture, guided to “read” lanes, squares, palaces, churches with the eyes of the inhabitants, understanding the local way of life taking part to a realization of a local recipe, entering the dynamics of the community through the participation to a local dance and understanding the spirit of the traditional songs and poetries. The final typical dinner in one of the restaurants and “trattorie” of the villages will finish evenings which promise to be unforgettable. The invittion is directed to the seniors but extended to the lovers of the spirit still living inside the stones of the ancient houses, in the tradiitions of the community, in the rites of the feasts.