The Castanese Territory, not far from Milano, was selected as EUROSEN Cluster of Local Culture (CLC) and it will be included – combined with the visit to Milano – in the Northern Italy’s itineraries of the EUROSEN Senior Tours. The EUROSEN project was presented to the local community in three meetings that were held in Cuggiono (11 April and 9 June) and in Buscate (9 July, 2016). The three events were attended by a large audience of representatives of the Senior Centers and of the Institutions belonging to the six villages that will establish the Castanese CLC (Arconate, Buscate, Cuggiono, Dairago, Robecchetto con Induno and Vanzaghello) and will develop the new form of community-based tourism promoted by EUROSEN. The richness of the natural and cultural patrimony of the Castenese Territory promises “emotions” and “unique and unforgettable experiences” to the foreign visitors; they will be welcomed as friends and “ad interim citizens” rather than treated as anonymous tourists. The feedbacks got during the meetings were highly positive and both, Institutions and Senior Centers, adhered to the proposal with enthusiasm and expressed their commitment to ensure the success of the initiative. EUROSEN was represented by Silvio Bonfiglio and Tarcisio Lattuada of ANCESCAO and by Domenico Bearzatto of PLEF, the Coordinator of the Project.