In August 2016 was built up in the south – west part of Romania in the foothills of the Carpatian mountains, the CLC Horezu Region. Is a territory full of touristic attractions not enough developed so far. The territory of the CLC ideally combines natural resources - mountains, lakes, forests, natural reserves, protected areas, a sedative bio-climate, unique caves with traditional and historical human values. The CLC area is a true cradle of Romanian history (fortified houses of boyars, monasteries, museums) and folk culture, where, across the ages, the inhabitants’ talent, spiritual beauty and diligence have created numerous traditions, habits and crafts still in existence today. Among the best-known crafts this area is famous for, it must be mentioned the modelling and decorating of the pottery, the artistic wood-carving, embroidering, tapestries, carpets (kilim), weaving, glass icon painting, etc. To all this, the EUROSEN Horezu Region CLC adds something unique: the meeting with the warm local community, a lesson of one of the many local kitchen recipes, a training on a local dances and songs, the assisted production of an handicraft, a visit of the territory like an open air museum which will introduce to the spirit and the soul of the people.