Eurosen goes to Brussels

The last 19 October COSME organized in Bruxelles an event about COSME's objectives and to present 5 technical contributions and 5 business cases.

The 5 cases made reference to 3 enterprises design based: 
Betair Lamp(lamps improving the air quality),
BioSenShoes (shoes with a chip informing about the correct walk) and myShopNET, a platform for sale customable consumer goods.

And 2 touristic proposals;
VOYAGE: related to business tourism 
EUROSEN, for its enhancement of Clusters of Local Culture.

All of them were considered projects with promising future on market.

Through the several projects of the last 2 years, this was the only one selected!

After straining the partnership with continuous requests of improvement (mostly right), the project advisor, at the end acknowledged the positive side of EUROSEN!!

Good job and thanks everybody!!

Domenico Bearzatto