Horezu Region

An unforgettable experience to a land of authenticity, with stories about the culture of the people from Horezu Region.

The land where clay is reborn through stories

An unforgettable experience to a land of authenticity, where stories about the culture of the people from Horezu Region.
Come to life in a eight-day stay in the CLC Horezu Region- an atmosphere of relaxation in a unique natural environment, combined with outstanding cultural values, history, old traditional crafts, and rich gastronomy! You will be in contact with local people, charming destinations such as Olari, Costești, Vaideeni, Măldărești. The trip will mix in a perfect way, the art of clay processing (Horezu town), the monastic culture (Monastery of Hurezi and Arnota), the history of Măldărești place, the artistry of achieving traditional Romanian dishes by visiting local guest houses and the beauty of Romanian folklore. All these through the eyes and the souls of the local people and by taking part to their daily life in local farms. And more, nice evenings with good food and unprecedented stories.

Description of the trip

Day 1_welcome to Horezu

Arrive and transfer from airport to Horezu. In the evening will be a gala dinner at Horezu to welcome guests, during it, along with the local guide, we will become familiar with the past and the stories of the region of Horezu, counted by the inhabitants of the area.

Day 2_History of Pottery (Workshop) and Monastic Hospitality

On morning we will travel to the village of Olari where we will meet the craftsmen that mould the clay in pottery workshops, with the same unparalleled artistry as their ancestors. We will learn how to make traditional pottery in the manner of the craftsmen in Horezu region, that are famous worldwide due to the beauty of their produce. This town impresses both due to the artistry of the craftsmen, as well as to the multi-coloured appearance of the houses, that are adorned with pottery products. During the afternoon, we will benefit from the quiet atmosphere of the Hurezi Monastery, where we will be able to admire the artistry of the works of the nuns, in workshops where they weave carpets and tailor the monastic clothes, and we will enjoy the rich taste of the dishes cooked in the kitchen of the monastery (lunch). Dinner will be served in Andra's House Guesthouse in the town of Horezu.

Day 3_ Commune of Costești – Cooking Workshop

In the morning we will depart from Horezu towards the old commune of Costesti and we will linger in one of the most noble monasteries of Romania - Arnota Monastery - where we will visit the workshops of painting icons and those where tinctures based on herbs are prepared. Lunch will be held at Nicoleta Guesthouse.The next stop will be at Cucu Guesthouse where, in a pure traditional atmosphere, we will learn how to cook traditional Romanian dishes and we will enjoy dinner with delicious food, local stories, as well as Oltenian songs.

Day 4_A Day Spent in the Middle of Nature

Departure towards the commune of Costești where, during the morning, we will be able to enjoy the pastoral activities, in the "Ursulețul" / "Little bear" sheepfold. Lunch will take place in the same rustic traditional sheepfold. A tour of the commune of Costești will enable us, along with local farmers, to learn more about the art of beekeeping or of manufacturing popular traditional Oltenian shirts and skirts.

Day 5_Authentic Romanian Folklore

we will depart towards commune of Vaideeni. With a rich ethno-cultural history, Vaideeni enjoys a well-deserved reputation linked to the pastoral customs preserved ever since ancient times, as well as linked to folk dances, music, and good vibes. The entire day will be dedicated to Oltenian folk dance lessons. After a well-deserved lunch and a little rest in a natural setting at Moara Viselor / “The Mill of Dreams” we can visit the famous Tapestry Workshop held by the Association of Women in Vaideeni.

Day 6_Commune of Măldăreşti and Govora Spa Resort

From Horezu we will departure to the commune of Măldăreşti. During the morning, we will visit the Ensemble Museum of Măldărești, an area that combines legends, history and old Romanian architecture. The traditional lunch will be served in an old nobleman's house - "Maldăr’s Manor". In the afternoon, we will head to Govora spa resort where guests can enjoy moments of full relaxation consisting in spa sessions in one of the most popular hotels in the resort - Palace Hotel. Dinner will be served at Palace Hotel.

Day 7_The mirage of ceramics

This day is devoted entirely to the participation in the fair dedicated to the Romanian folk pottery called "The Rooster of Hurez". This event is an outdoor exhibition of the most representative centres and types of Romanian ceramics, but also an occasion for popular events involving groups of folk dances from different ethnological parts of Romania, a veritable parade of authentic Romanian folk costumes, a proof of tradition exceeding the common level and converted into art.

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