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Horezu Region: The CLC area

The CLC is directed primarily to tourism aimed at seniors, and thus spa resorts such Băile Olăneşti and Băile Govora were included in the CLC as they are popular tourist destinations for social tourism, and spa treatment.

Geographically, the territory of the CLC Horezu Region ideally combines hills and mountain, extends on the Southern slopes of the Căpăţânii Mountains and on the Horezu Depression area, named after the main locality.

Horezu Region: Cultural and natural heritage

In the CLC Horezu Region area there is a significant concentration of resources, both manmade and natural, featuring a high tourism value: valuable natural elements – national parks (e.g. Buila Vânturarița); beautiful gorges (e.g. Bistrița, Pietreni etc); impressive caves (e.g.Bat Cave); natural museums (“Trovanți” museum); mineral resources; crafts and traditions preserved for hundreds of years - famous pottery art; famous centers of ceramics (e.g. Horezu town, Olari village, etc) or ethnograpy (e.g. Costești village); recognized worldwide monasteries (e.g. Hurez monastery, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List); amazing cultural events –and fairs (e.g. The Fair of Folk Pottery “ Cocoșul de Hurez “); traditional architecture with historic value (e.g. the Ensemble of Măldăreşti); the specific gastronomy recognized worldwide. All these values plus the favorable climate creates an unique ensemble for the development of senior tourism.