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Castanese: Region and Landscape

Located not far from Milano, in North Italy, the Castanese CLC promises the senior tourists to enrich their visit of the large city with a taste of the genuine life and landscape. It will be a "different" Italy from the stereotype and in the Castanese the guests will find a unique mix of cultural, artistic, historic stimuli and elements creating a natural bridge between the Central and Southern Europe. 

The Castanese, with an area of 119 sqKm, is a rich and diversified landscape where the water represents a peculiar element: the Ticino river (the so called “blue river”), the Naviglio Grande and the Villoresi artificial channel. Castanese is an ecologically sustainable and accessible territory: the various natural parks (Parco Ticino, Parco del Roccolo, Parco delle Rogge and the neighbouring Parco dell’Alto Milanese) offer unique and exciting experiences. 

The visitor can walk in the Greenway of the Naviglio Grande, ride a horse or bicycle across the parks or the river side. 

The visitor cannot miss the experience of the navigation by boat and admire the villas and palaces along the route, by passing under old bridges such as those of Castelletto-Cuggiono(1544) and of Padregnana in the Robecchetto (1595-1604).

Cultural and natural heritage

In addition to the landscape, Castanese offers a rich and diversified cultural and artistic patrimony:

Historical churches with frescos, sculptures and paintings; Villas and ancient palaces, powerful families'residences of Lombardia, such as Villa Annoni or Palazzo Clerici - with its Baroque staircases descending up to the Naviglio Grande’s riverside, Palazzo De Capitaneis, Villa De Rosales, Palazzo Fagnani Arese...

Some unexpected and authentic art treasures such as the copy of the Leonardo's “Vergine delle Rocce" painted probably by his pupil Marco D’Oggiono in the church of Sant’Ambrogio in Vanzaghello; or the fresco of the Luini’s school in the church of San Rocco,Vanzaghello; a pipe organ of the XVII century in the Santuario di Santa Maria Nascente in Arconate; the painting “Madonna con Bambino” in San Mauro's church in Buscate attributed by some experts to Bernardino Luini.

Modern artistic works such as the frescos in the Sala Civica of Buscate and the murals in the four old districts of Dairago.

Welcoming activities

The guests in Castanese become “temporary citizens”, surrounded by local friends. 
They will discover the signs of the past work activity and the economic evolution of the last century (textile and footwear factories, tanneries, mills and cotton mills). 

Locals will report them about the manufacturing of bicycles in Cuggiono or of toothpicks in Buscate, together with the production of silkworm. 

A tour through the old farms distributed across the whole Castanese and the visit to the Museum of Arts and Craft in Cuggiono will offer the senior tourists a witness to the creativity, hard work and industriousness of the Castanese.